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Here’s How We B2B

We place a premium on giving B2B buyers the context and content they need to make informed purchasing decisions. This article explains how we guide them through a comfortable and compelling buyer’s journey.

Our B2B Thesis: Give the People What They Want

The era of the hard sell has come and gone. The educated buyer is now in the driver’s seat. Yet many organizations still haven’t adapted to modern B2B marketing methods and models.

Most continue to rely on dated sales approaches and bloated tech stacks that feel too clinical for their audiences. That’s because today’s buyers want to engage with more personalized content, where and when it makes sense to them.

They've also done their homework. Have you?

Informed buyers have higher expectations.

According to Spotio, B2B buyers are 57–70% finished with their research before they contact a sales representative. They’ve already compared offerings and evaluated peer reviews through online research.

As they become more and more adept in their digital journeys, their research cycles become shorter and more efficient. What does this mean for your organization?

They buy on their

own terms.

Modern B2B buyers are digital natives. A whopping 60% of them are millennials. As digital transformation continues to accelerate and become even more widely adopted, these buyers will continue to travel a complex purchase journey — and are eager to adapt to a new B2B buying paradigm.

What’s more, they tend to buy on their own terms. According to McKinsey, 70% of B2B decision-makers say they are open to making new purchases in excess of $50,000 through self-serve or remote purchases. Not surprisingly, 27% would spend more than $500,000. However, this might surprise you: Modern B2B buyers only spend about 5% of their buying journey engaging with Sales.

Clearly, they know what they want. Are you leveraging B2B best practices that instill trust and impact conversion?

For best results,

instill trust in their decisions.

At Thesis, we believe human decisions are business decisions — and that people are people.

The most successful organizations are able to simplify the purchase process throughout the customer journey by delivering more educated buyers to Sales. They drive demand by delighting existing (and potential) customers and instilling trust in their decision-making.

How do these organizations do this?

Humanizing Your B2B Brand

Many of these successful organizations implement our outcome-based B2B marketing practice, which drives results by speaking to your customers as the people they are. Our team of B2B Strategists, Creatives, Technologists, and Analysts developed a central premise based on our shared experience and industry knowledge.

We focus on building intuitive user journeys that inspire both customer action and brand affinity, with the goal of driving awareness, engagement, revenue, repeat sales, and client retention. And while many marketers fail to acknowledge this, B2B marketing can be fun, functional, and creative — often all at once.

Wanna know how we got here?

Our past is a vital prologue.

Over the last 20 years, Thesis has undergone multiple iterations. First, we were Email ROI, which was solely focused on email marketing. Then, we were eROI, which went beyond email to include more multi-channel strategies and tactics.

In 2019, we completely reimagined our mission to focus on supporting the entire omni-channel user experience for some of the biggest brands in the world — and rebranded again as Thesis.

As Thesis, we wanted to express that we are hell-bent on humanizing any shape of digital. This looks like:

  • Redefining what it means to be a full-service agency
  • Providing direct answers to complex questions using data, technology, and creativity
  • Working toward a better world by acting as a force for change

When we decided to revisit and renew our B2B marketing efforts, we had a clear blueprint for how to execute our larger vision. The tricky part was building a practice capable of delivering dynamic omni-channel campaigns to a wide range of clients — spanning start-ups, SMBs, and enterprise-level organizations.

Wanna know how we did that — and keep doing it so well?

We are trusted B2B marketing partners.

Our B2B marketing practice is supported by more than 300 marketing experts across every element of traditional and digital marketing — including Strategy, Creative, Technology, and Performance. Our goal is to become a vital and trusted extension of your B2B efforts through our three core pillars:

  1. Human-centered, data-driven: We believe in driving 1:1 connections at scale to help you grow your business and expand your revenue streams.
  2. B2B experts, backed by a creative agency: We research, plan, develop, execute, and optimize integrated, omni-channel campaigns that inspire decision-makers.
  3. Demand marketing focused, ABM specialized: We create personalized engagement strategies that drive sustainable business results.

In doing so, our B2B team drives three core outcomes:

  1. Sales and marketing alignment: Collaborate and coordinate with custom orchestration plans, playbooks, and campaigns that enable Sales to do what they do best.
  2. Pipeline generation and acceleration: Drive and nurture leads with tailored campaigns throughout the funnel (and beyond) to increase velocity.
  3. Brand affinity and advocacy: Increase brand, product, and service interest across every channel to convert interest into sales and sales into advocacy.

What B2B challenges does your organization face?

Our service is solving.

We trust in ourselves, our clients, and your customers — and we want to instill that trust in you as well.

Thesis B2B marketing best practices are founded on decades of collective experience in planning, developing, and delivering personalized, omni-channel B2B marketing programs for some of the most recognizable and influential organizations in the world.

We’re committed to humanizing your brand and are capable of integrating nearly any B2B marketing tactic into coordinated and comprehensive strategies.

Our service is solving, so if you’re interested in learning how we can help your organization create and improve your B2B marketing efforts, please fill out this form or email us directly at hello@thesis.agency.


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