It brought with it moreQuestions than answers, Leaving us spinning And dizzy and grasping.

But not one of us is alone in this fight:Families, friends, coworkers, clients, strangers.Everyone—literally everyone— Is squinting in the fog,Trying to make some senseOf this mad season.

Our world is feeling it.Our country is feeling it. Our city is feeling it.Which means we are feeling it.

For now, that looks likeRetreating to our homes—And that’s what we’ll do.But let us not retreat entirely.For while stay at home is the mandate,Lead from home is the opportunity:

When your familyIs scared, staggering, and stir-crazy,Be the steady hand.

When your friendsAre distancing out of a forced new habit,Be the glue that binds.

When your coworkers Are scattered at best, let go at worst,Be the first to mobilize.

Lift them up.Lead the way.Pull them through.

This may sound a little squareIn a time that’s tilted,But it’s the simplest recipe To control what we can control.

It’s the best way To put a little power back in our hands,

Make a little senseFrom the otherwise senseless,

And persuade the tides Once the storm subsides.

It would be easy to enter a long sleep.But now’s the time to be only proactive.

To deliver, not mail it in.To make your presence felt,Strengthening your heart To strengthen our future.

Then,When this black and bruised versionOf society begins its mend,And some trace of normalBegins to take shape,You’ll be known not only as the oneWho survived these times,But as the one Who rang out loudly from solitude.

People,In this time of uncertainty,Here’s the charge:

Sturdy up for your self and family.Show up for your team.Know there are placesYou can put your energy,And with more fire, zeal,Vigor, and verve than ever before,

Lead. From. Home.

It will matter.