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Humanizing any shape of digital.

Dissecting the anatomy of Thesis 2.0’s mission and vision.

Two years ago, we looked in the mirror. After nearly two decades of being in business, we found an entirely different form peering back. We’d grown. We’d changed. And we’d become something far beyond what we initially imagined.

We were called eROI (email return on investment) at the time, bluntly named after what we did (email marketing). But it wasn’t who we were anymore. We had incrementally outgrown that inbox-only mentality. Over time and through great rigor, our capabilities progressed, our talent expanded, and our team diversified from a specialty crew to a full-service agency.

Because of this, we gave ourselves permission to change our name and go forward on the next leg of our journey as Thesis — a namesake that exemplifies not only what we do but how we do it. How we join data, diverse perspectives, technology, and creative spirit to solve problems. How we cross our T’s and dot our I’s as we formulate and articulate our sharp solutions.

Snap to present. We’ve now been in business as Thesis for two years, almost exclusively amidst a global pandemic. As you well know, nothing is as it was in the Before Times. Life, people, the way we work have continued to shift shapes.

And while we had a head on our shoulders and momentum behind us, that self-assured-but-gangly, coming-of-age teen who thought they knew themselves two years ago has now discovered yet more room to evolve. We’ve adapted and grown confidently into our skin, gaining an even more profound sense of who we are as a collective and what we stand for in this current digital landscape.

Hi, we’re Thesis … 2.0, if you will. And we humanize any shape of digital.

Our vision sets our star.

Our Vision:

Hell-bent on humanizing any shape of digital.

Our north star goes beyond marketing — it’s a vision for a more equitable, diverse, and just world. But also, we’re still marketers. We endeavor to satisfy the modern needs of our business partners while honoring the human beings on all sides of each commercial encounter. Every piece of our vision strives to connect the dots between the people at Thesis and the pixels we purvey. Let’s explore the anatomy of our guiding statement.

“Hell-bent ...”

Our brand embraces its complexity — scholarly approach, blue-collar ethic, high-gloss digital, imperfect humanity, polished, and in progress. While our name waxes academic, our essence is grit. We understand there’s work to be done — professional, personal, and cultural — and we’re relentless in our pursuit of growth, both as a company and as individuals. We’re not done until the job’s well done.

“... on humanizing ...”

Marketing is about building connections between brands and people — between the lovely folks on our internal teams, between those teams and our clients, and between our clients and their customers. Our power is the unique personal perspectives our people bring to the digital work we make. And our people-first disposition ensures that our diverse intellectual firepower is on full display, earnestly supporting honest, human work that authentically resonates with warm-blooded audiences.

Beyond our individual perspectives, we’re successful marketers because of the intentional culture we’ve collectively nurtured. We’re committed to giving our people space to show up as they are, not how our industry says they should. Come as you are, bring what you bring. We’re all the better for it. That cultural vulnerability sets an authentic tone that breathes soul into our client work.

“... any shape of digital.”

Just like our team, our clients are diverse. They have a complex range of digital needs, and they understand that yesterday’s tech darlings are today’s tech antiquities. So we use every modern tool available to us — data, technology, UX, pop culture, forever-young creative verve — to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time through the right digital medium.

We know our clients have a long list of things that keep them up at night. We address those concerns with a diverse list of digital capabilities — branding, campaigns, creative production, social, websites, apps, automation, operations, you name it.

TL;DR: If it’s digital, we do it.

Our mission makes it possible.

Our Mission:

We seek to redefine full-service.

We solve with data, technology, and creativity.

We work toward a better world.

Realizing a grand vision requires a tactical mission. Each piece of our statement serves as a milestone on the way to our newly gleaming north star.

“We seek to redefine full-service.”

We acknowledge that “full-service” is a heavily loaded and often faintly wielded descriptor. It presumes that one agency can effectively address every client need under the sun. To be real, we can’t do that. But we’re inspired by that pursuit. How close can we get?

We also understand that full-service must transcend medium. Clients increasingly seek diversified, nimble, one-stop-shops that can address an array of challenges, all under one roof. So we’ve widened our horizons to make sure that’s our roof. From our diverse teams of makers to the comprehensive services our partners enjoy — Account, Project, and Operational Management; Strategy; Writing; Design; Performance and Analytics; Technology — we mobilize one-of-a-kind teams composed of one-of-a-kind minds who work to connect brands to audiences through compelling creative, sharp communications, and technological know-how. Then we measure our success and optimize for a more potent round two.

While full-service infers a solid state — suggesting that an agency has reached its final destination — we endeavor to grow and evolve daily. All in the pursuit of being the closest thing possible to a wholly realized full-service digital agency.

“We solve problems with data, technology, and creativity.”

Clients’ needs evolve quickly, so our solutions are never static. In the spirit of full-service, we continually adapt and grow our offering to anticipate change and take on new challenges as thoughtful partners.

We also have a saying: Know it to make it. We hustle to ground work in truth, to distill data into insights, and to partner these golden nuggets with delightful creative that serve up solves in many forms.

From creating brand identities to developing seamless web applications to operationalizing client workflows to turning numbers into human insights, our service is solving, by any means necessary.

“We work toward a better world.”

It’s in vogue: Corporations, startups, and businesses X, Y, and Z are all talking about making the world a better place. We applaud the conversation. But we’re committed to doing more than just saying the words. We don’t just envision a better world; we take active steps in its pursuit.

Recent recognition for how we’ve long prioritized diversity, equity, and sustainability in our business decisions. With clients like The Contingent, Emerging Leaders, SINE, Every Child, and Know Me Now, we’re proud to help important organizations do vital work, doing our part to maximize their benevolent reach.

Our philanthropic foundation seeks to positively impact our community and expand our agency’s commitment to racial and cultural diversity in our workforce. We designate funds to help close the equity gap in the greater Portland metro area by supporting organizations that engage in issues of racial equity and contribute to underserved communities.

Our future is ours to shape.

Two decades and a two-year pandemic will teach a brand a lot about itself. And although the new-name luster is now a lived-in leather, we’re inspired by the self-discovery this journey has afforded and the guiding light it has helped to illuminate: This mission and vision that make up our core. Where we’re headed. How we plan to get there. And who we see in the mirror.

Hi, we’re Thesis. And we humanize any shape of digital. It’s not a traditional sell-sell-sell formula. But partnering with brands to infuse heart and breathe soul into a dynamic range of modern media is a strategy we’re giddy to glorify.

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