CEO on diversity, equity, inclusion

October 8, 2019

I’m a straight, white, male CEO writing an article about racial equity in the workplace. Depending on your life experience, you might stop reading this now. Or it might confirm your suspicion that I have the platform to write such an article because of my position and connections. And of course, you’d be right.

You might read a little further and see that it’s an article about everything we have yet to achieve around racial equity in our company culture.

No matter what, let’s have a conversation on race. The business case has been proven in study after study: Diverse teams perform up to 35% better than homogeneous teams. They are more profitable and more adaptable to change. The best brands in the world are demanding that their agencies have diverse teams in order to best represent the consumers they serve.

I believe racial equity is now a business imperative, yet many companies are falling short.

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